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I started doing astrophotography in 2012. Over the past decade, I’ve gained experience and knowledge there. Today, I am excited to offer you my consultation services that will make your way into astrophotography easier, especially if you just making your first steps in this complex but truly awesome hobby!

Please note, there are plenty of services where you can find help prior personal consultation:

– check out your local astronomy club and seek for help there. You can visit one of their meetings, star parties, etc.;

– post your question on an astronomy forum or Facebook group related to astrophotography;

 – find a video on YouTube that might reply to your question. You can check out my channel. Perhaps I have a video that will help you.

If you are still interested in a personal approach to your situation, I would be happy to help! 



How Can I Help You?

Astrophotography Consultation

When you just starting, astrophotography brings a lot of questions. To help you navigate there, I offer specialized consultations via Zoom/Discord where we can explore any aspect related to astrophotography that intrigues or challenges you. 

Image Processing

Are you struggling with the post processing of your images? Send me your raw data, and I will process it at no charge so that you will see if there is any potential in your image.

Private Astrophotography Session

Do you want to see how the astrophotography is done? Let’s consider an online workshop where we will remotely connect to one of my telescopes and go over all aspects of astrophotography and how it is done from the planning until the final image.

Practice with My Raw Data

Sometimes you do not have enough clear skies, but you want to practice in image processing. Check out my RAW images you can get for practicing. I have captured many dozens of exposure hours, so I can offer many different targets you can practice with.

Build a Telescope Cart (will be released later in 2024)

Tired of setting up and taking apart of your telescope? Is it too heavy to carry it all the time? I have been there until I build a few carts for my telescopes. I am happy to offer you a guide where you can check out how it is done and make your astrophotography experience easier, efficient, and more organized.