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About George

My name is George Konkov, and I am an amateur astrophotographer. I do most of my astrophotography from Williamsburg, Virginia where I have good suburban sky there with class 4-5 under the Bortle scale. It allows me to practice different areas of astrophotography such as deep sky astrophotography (broadband and narrowband), lunar/planetary imaging, and Solar imaging.

Like many other enthusiasts, my interest in space began in childhood. I had a basic curiosity about the cosmos and yearned to learn more about the different pearls of the Universe. Back then, I hadn’t considered getting a telescope; I was simply passionate about space. However, one full Moon night in the summer of 2012 changed everything. Standing on the balcony of my parents’ home, I gazed at the Moon with unaided eyes. It caught my attention because I saw more details than I would normally could see. My first thought was: what if I could see the Moon a bit closer? Fortunately, I remembered that my father had a pair of binoculars. This was my first ever astronomical observation with a special tool (and why hadn’t I done it before?). I was overwhelmed by the increased amount of the surface details I saw! My next thought was about getting a telescope. That very night, I started researching amateur telescopes. My first one was a small Celestron Astromaster 70AZ refractor, which I initially used for visual observations. A few weeks later, I attempted to capture images using a DSLR camera pointed at the telescope’s eyepiece.

Little by little, my interest in astrophotography grew. I was learning more about taking long exposures images of deep sky objects, calibration frames, stacking, processing, etc. Although there was a break from astrophotography while I pursued my bachelor’s degree, my passion remained. Nowadays, I spend every clear night capturing different objects in the nights sky.

I also run a YouTube channel called AstroCreation. I envisioned this channel as a platform to share my experiences in astrophotography, highlight observable astronomical events, and most importantly, learn from other community members. This website is another avenue for me to share tips and knowledge.

Please note that this site is currently in the process of being filled with more information. If there’s a specific topic you’d like me to cover, feel free to reach out through the contact form, and I’ll make sure to include that material. Additionally, since 2024 I offer personalized astrophotography consultations. If you’re interested in a personal approach, you can schedule a session with me.

Clear skies!