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My Equipment

My gear includes a diverse range of telescopes and cameras, each selected and used for specific needs: capturing the deep sky objects, details of planetary surfaces, and the dynamic features of our Sun. Below are the details about the gear I use.

Deep Sky Imaging

My primary imaging telescope at the moment is a 122mm APO refractor SV550 from SvBony. I purchased this telescope in summer 2023 before the official sales started. You can check out a video where I unbox this telescope and show the whole setup process including the cable management that I try to pay a lot of attention to.

Below is the list of additional equipment I use with 122mm APO:

Telescope: SvBony SV550 122mm APO Refractor
Focal Reducer: SvBony SV209 0.8x Focal Reducer / Flattener
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro
Filter Wheel: ZWO 5-Position Electronic Filter Wheel for 2″ Mounted Filters
Filters in the Wheel:

  • Optolong UV/IR cut
  • Optolong L-Pro filter
  • SvBony SV220 7nm
  • ZWO Dual Narrowband Filter
  • SvBony DarkFilter

Electronic Focuser: ZWO EAF
Guide scope: Orion Mini 50mm Guide Scope
Guide camera: SvBony SV305
Flat Panel: 150mm WandererAstro v3

Video: Unboxing and setting up
Video: First Images captured with 122mm SV550

Planetary Imaging

I set up this telescope in October 2023 with a purpose to capture planet Jupiter during its opposition period. Eventually, I was able to capture a Timelapse of the full rotation of the biggest planet in our Solar System. You can check out this animation by following the link.